Wednesday, 30 April 2008

The Sola Panel

It's up and running! The new Matthias Media blog, the Sola Panel, is up and running, and what's more is open for comments. Check it out, tell us what you think, then click on the blogroll links down the side and come back here!

Still don't know if I like the name, which I probably shouldn't say because I helped choose it.

From the blog:

We're planning to post just one new piece each day, which we think is enough for us to handle, and enough for you to read. Sometimes we'll stay on a particular topic for a while and knock it around between the Panellists. At other times (probably most of the time), we'll just do our own thing and post on different topics.

Oh, and did I mention you can leave comments?

Unlike this blog, the promise on that blog is that it will be:

*thoughtful (offering a considered, crafted piece of writing rather than a dashed-off and/or rabid paragraph in reaction to the latest thing)

*non-trivial (wouldn't feature pictures of the dog, or what the author saw at the movies last night)

*Bible-driven (in other words, it kept “What does the Bible say?” as the foundational question)

*unashamedly Reformed and Evangelical (didn't apologize for or seek to move on from classic Reformed Evangelical theology)

*ministry-hearted (focused me back on evangelism, people and the daily work of ministering God's word to others)

*proactive (didn't just react to the latest controversy, fad or someone else's blog, but drew me back to what was important)

*godly (in the way it dealt with issues, and in the way discussion and comments were handled)

*of a consistently high standard in all of the above!

And I will, of course, be over there as much as I can seeking to undermine as many of these fine objectives as is possible in one hit.


(except for the Bible and Reformed bit! Oh, alright, I'll try for godliness, but will need your prayers.)

Head on over, and you can even make a comment if you would like to.

If I was in the mood for commenting, I would say what a lousy word 'pro-active' is. But I'll just keep that thought to myself...

UPDATE: D'OH! I spoke too soon. Apparently comments don't work yet. OK, will get back to you. Thanks Adam.

UPDATE: No, the comments work. Karen at Matthias Media just tested it. So have another go! If you are still having trouble, e-mail her at (with an @ for the AT), as she would like to know.


adam said...

comments don't work!

/Karen/ said...

Update: Comments work in Firefox but not in Safari (obviously a far inferior browser). I am talking with our web developer about whether he tested the form in the other browsers.

Gordon: Please change my email address in your post to briefing AT matthiasmedia com au.

Nicole said...

I think it's a great name! And it's wonderful that it's up and running.

adam said...

yep, works now :)

/Karen/ said...

Working now (but there's a problem with Safari on the front page).

RodeoClown said...

Does this new blog replace, or join CHN?

michael jensen said...

Looks good to me!

Anonymous said...

Nice journalistic mugshot for you, I see, Gordo. All (as opposed to otherwise) looks good and I'll be sure to keep tabs on the discussions.

Jean said...

How about "sola boys" for a name? Don't know why, but that strikes me as appropriate. ;-)

Ali said...

You look a little sad and weary in that mugshot I thought ...