Friday, 27 June 2008


Phillip Jensen speaks about it here. If there's no problem with homosexual marriage, there's no problem with polygamy—is there?

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Peter Wotton said...

What did Jesus say?
My problem with your approach and Archbishop Jensen's is that it appears to lack love or compassion and certainly not one which includes understanding.

The African Archbishops seem more driven by Islamic homophobia than by Christian love. They are comfortable with polygamy ( because that is compatable with Islam?) but are aggressive towards homosexuality (again because of the society in which they live). Their inability to condemn aggressive acts against gays , simply because of their sexual orientation, betrays the welcome our Lord offered to every-one who would accept him.
It is to Archbishop Peter's credit that he did speak up on this.

Some people can handle their sexual orientation by denying themselves any sexual expression. Some cannot. Most informed opinion is that sexual orientation is built in. It is not a matter of choice. Who would chose to be gay, given the high level of discrimination and aggression shown against them , even in our society?

What would our Lord say ? What would some one who associated with the low life of Jewish society do?

I will pray that the African movement away from our Anglican base learn something of the love of Jesus Christ.

Peter Wotton