Sunday, 29 June 2008

Chuck steak

So cheap at Carlingford village.

So we bought 2 kilos on Friday, stuck it in the fridge. This morning before church I got it out, sharpened up the knife and diced the meat, remembering how my mum always expressed amazement at how it shrank to half the size when you stewed it slowly, so I cut it twice as big.

Straight into the slow cooker that we bought the other day, 2 beef stock cubes dissolved in a cup of boiling water, 6 carrots chopped, and then had to get the girls ready for church so off we went.

Came back did stuff, went and bought onions, red wine was cheap as, so got a bottle of cleanskin something or other. Chopped the onion, fried it up, this was lunchtime, into the slow cooker with a big splash of the red. About an hour and a half ago, maybe two, threw in four chopped zucchinis, tasted, added salt.

An hour later, and, we just had it for dinner with mashed potatoes. Amazing. I hardly even chopped off any fat from the chuck when I chucked it in this morning, only did it because I felt I had to.

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Nixter said...

I totally want to get a slow cooker - and this meal sounds fab!