Friday, 27 June 2008

Euthanasia bill for federal parliament

Bob Brown, Greens MP, is planning to present a private member's bill in Federal Parliament. The report from the SMH is here.

Bob Brown has been a consistent advocate of this. But since when did a vote for the Greens become a vote for euthanasia? Why is it so?


Anonymous said...


I'm not sure being Green is necessarily the issue - there are significant numbers in both Labor and the Coalition supportive of euthanasia.

Euthanasia is an issue that will not go away, given the fading Christian understanding in the broader Australian community. There exists what one euthanasia advocate describes as “a small but significant number of determined patients, generally having strong personalities and a history of being in control, who are unlikely to be deflected from their wish to end their lives”. When we also remember that for the typical Aussie pagan, death is the grim reaper with no hope-filled prospect to follow, we remind ourselves of the enormity of the task to defend the right to life and to die a good death in God’s time and in a God honouring way.

Senator Brown's Bill to wind back the disallowing of the Territories to legislate on euthanasia may well have the numbers. Even more distressing is Ms Hartland's Bill in Victoria to legalise abortion. Our information is that she is within a whisker of getting numbers.

It is a very sad thing to realise that the only group in the broader Australian community prepared to campaign on pro life issues is the Church, and even then not all of it.

David Palmer

Gordon Cheng said...

All true, David. What bothers me is that the Greens were a single issue party that have become associated with all sorts of things that are not-Green. False advertising, really.