Sunday, 22 June 2008

Aye, laddie

We love to impairsonate Scottish uccents frae taem tae taem.


Timothy Wonil Lee said...

Aye, I like the Scottish accent too. I wish I could speak in that accent. The only problem is that I can't speak English well enough to learn a different accent.
There was an occasion I remember when a group of people from our church took a visiting speaker (pastor) from the US around in Sydney, and while we were sitting down and talking, the pastor's wife said she found it quite amusing to hear the Australian accent from Koreans, then she politely asked me, whether I am from some other area because she thought my accent was different. AHAHA

Lucy C said...

My HK born husband cannot understand the Scottish accent.
And I mean REALLY can't understand.
"...What did he say?..."