Sunday, 22 June 2008

Balance of power

Here's an opinion piece from the SMH from one of the senators who will hold BOP—the Balance of Power—in the Federal Senate from July 1.

Good to see him mention his opposition to poker machines.

When Roman Catholic senator Brian Harradine held BOP, he was able to assist in holding the line on some abortion laws, and what sort of material could be viewed on TV, among other things.

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Anonymous said...

See him "mention" his opposition to pokies???

His opposition to pokies has been utterly non-stop and unrelentingly articulate for dunnowmany years. In SA he's called "NoPokiesMPNickXenophon" all in one word every time his name is mentioned in the news -- and so much so that some other pollies once attempted to steal the "no pokies" name from him to benefit from his widespread popularity and respect. Hope like mad that he has some effect, in both his campaigns.