Friday, 22 June 2007


Back in 1984, well before big Arnie was governor of California, I was visiting a friend in Melbourne and we went to see him in the movie The Terminator, in which Arnie doesn't say a lot, but spends most of the movie playing a cyborg chasing a terrified woman in order to prevent her having a child that will cause problems for him in the future

(the old time travel paradox—second time this week I've fallen for that trick!)

By the time the movie terminates Arnie has crashed twice, been shot several times, been set on fire, blown up, and eventually crushed by a big machine in a factory (sorry if that spoils the ending for you).

The most surreal moment of the movie for me, however, was the two little old ladies sitting behind us, one of whom said to the other as the credits rolled "Well, you've got to give him ten out of ten for tenacity!"

Today, God willing and barring accidents, I'm going to submit two copies of the thesis for the M.Th. I've been working on since 1988. For some reason that little old lady in the movie theatre came to mind.


Mattt said...

Tenacity - that's a great word

Campbell said...

Congratulations! Hope there are no accidents!

Therese said...

Onya! That's awesome!!
(What's it on again - I've forgotten!???)

Murray said...

Hey again Gordo,

may God bless you and your thesis ... well, that is unless it is too "Sydney Anglican"*.


* i.e. representing faith or practice not held anywhere, ever, or by anyone ;)

Gordon Cheng said...

Thanks folks. The title of the thesis is "An examination of Thomas Chartwright's modified position on church government, with particular reference to his Confutation of the Rhemist Testament".

It's not going to hit the bookshops any time soon, but if you are interested let me know and I'll e-mail you a copy (you don't have to post on the blog, just go to and contact me via that site. I'll let you know if the server is in any danger of crashing due to the number of requests.)