Saturday, 30 June 2007

Cookie Monster asks "Is me really monster?"

Tony Payne pointed me in the direction of Timothy McSweeney's Internet site recently. He wanted to show me the piece with David Caruso as the guy in CSI telling off the cat for going poo on the kitchen floor, but the one I laughed at even more was this one.

Me know. Me have problem.

Me love cookies. Me tend to get out of control when me see cookies. Me know it not natural to react so strongly to cookies, but me have weakness. Me know me do wrong. Me know it isn't normal. Me see disapproving looks. Me see stares. Me hurt inside.

I e-mailed it to Tony Wright and he liked it too.


Anonymous said...

I particularly like:

Me no eat cookies.

Me destroy cookies.

Me crush cookies.

Me mutilate cookies.

Me make it so no one get cookies.

Gordon Cheng said...

I believe we're getting a glimpse into a maelstrom; a vortex; a Heart of Darkness.

Mattt said...

Is it true that these days cookie monster only gets cookies on special occasions??? What is the world coming to?

Gordon Cheng said...

It's PC gone mad!

/Karen/ said...

It had to be said: “C is for cookie. That's good enough for me!”

Thanks for the link!