Thursday, 7 June 2007

Blogging about stem cell research

Today I got a rather last-minute opportunity to blog about stem cell research in the Daily Telegraph, as the Lower House of NSW Parliament voted to allow therapeutic cloning.

Also some controversy because George Pell came out suggesting that Catholics who voted for this were going to jeopardise their standing with the Roman Catholic Church. So I made some mention of this.

We ought to pray that this legislation doesn't pass the Upper House. It all gives me the heebie-jeebies.


Anonymous said...

I read your newspaper blog -- it was good, lightly written but strongly thought, and got some thoughtful responses.

Nixter said...

Good on you Gordon - I intend to go and check this out! I will most certanly be praying that this does not pass the Upper House!

Murray said...

Nicely done - like anonymous, I thought you responded at a great level.

My one concern was that you identified yourself as an "Anglican presbyter". I know it's really cool in Sydney Anglican circles to use that word, but in an online interview where such a small percentage of your readers are going to be Sydney Anglicans? I thought the whole reason the diocese is getting rid of robes and prayer books* and choirs was to remove barriers between the Church and the unchurched - so why insert another barrier with a word that no-one but a Koine Greek scholar will understand?

Whew - rant over!

It would be great to hear your Religion Report interview - be sure to post a link to the download when you've done it, please.


* Hence the loss of corporate confession

Gordon Cheng said...

Hey Muzza,

I'm not really sure what a 'presbyter' is, either, but it may have a chance of getting up there as a recognizable public substitute for the word 'priest'. So every now and then I like to toss it in to a blog as a potentially useful term to distinguish us from Roman Catholicism. If it doesn't fly, no great loss.