Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Act today if you live in NSW

If you live in NSW, today (not tomorrow but today) would be a good day to e-mail and ask individual members of the Upper House of NSW Parliament to block legislation on embryonic stem-cell research that would allow therapeutic cloning.

Today is the day the legislation is being introduced into the legislative council (ie the Upper House.

Find the e-mail addresses of the members here.

To get on top of the issues, look here.


Lara said...

Thanks Gordon.

Nixter said...

Three of us in the office have sent off our letters - thanks for letting us know ;)

Gordon Cheng said...

Great stuff everyone!

David McKay said...

Hi Gordon
I sent off emails to at least 3/4 of the upper house geezers and have so far received an acknowledgement from Gordon Moyes and one from Penny Sharpe.