Sunday, 10 June 2007

It's really raining.

And lives are being lost, as well as property. Some jokers running oil tankers off the Newcastle docks got grounded, despite warnings to put out to sea and get rid of water ballast.

We drove down to Fiona's mum's place in Austinmer and have never seen the water off the Illawarra look as wild as it did, whipped up by strong winds and with waves breaking really high up on rocks and cliffs. The beach car park was covered in sand that had been dumped there by water at high tide, and we realized there was also sand on the opposite side of the road from the car park, a good fifty metres further inland. I have no idea how it got there; whether it was wind, water or both that carried it there and left it behind.

Still it was good to make the trip, as Fiona's mum has had some bad health news, and we were able to catch up with Fiona's sisters and two of the girls' cousins. Hi J and A!

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Anonymous said...

and it rained and it rained, I am surprised at how little rain it really took to bring the Hunter up. Maitland was deluged on Friday, we got about 5inches and water was surging down Church Street where I work overtopping the gutters and onto the pavements for perhaps an hour. And yet, that rain doesnt or shouldnt mean that the river rises 8 metres. Pleased no one was killed in the flood in town and that all were sensible, thankful for all the emergency people -so many volunteers from so many places. People from Wagga and even interstate.