Thursday, 22 November 2007

Sur le Même accord

I bought this CD up in Leura and must have listened to it half a dozen times now. Bartok's Violin concerto #2 I am loving, and I can't see how any right-thinking person wouldn't especially and what with Anne Sophie-Mutter playing it. But Dutilleux's piece, Sur le Même accord, written especially for A S-M and released on this premiere recording, remains opaque. Maybe this piece of information:

The entire piece is based on one six-note chord, heard at the beginning of the piece, which is manipulated in various ways

from the Wikipedia article is going to help me. I sure hope so.

I am going to give it another half-dozen listens or so, and if I haven't got it by then I'm giving up.

Bartok —ah! the brass! and those East European harmonies. Delight.


Steve Carlisle said...

I had no idea Kate Fischer was so talented!


geoffc said...

Steve: LOL

I was just about to say I thought it was Kate Fischer. Incredible.