Thursday, 15 November 2007

Pilgrim's Progress V

Oh, and just to round out this mini-series, here is the entire original Pilgrim's Progress in various e-forms.

If you are completely strapped for cash this Christmas, I suppose you could buy yourself a ream of discount white A4 and print the whole lot off. That should take care of one bookaholic teenager for you.


David McKay said...

Gordon. I'm appalled.
Not even a mention of Kel Richard's version! I have to admit that I ordered it for our church bookstall, and never even opened it, but I was amazed [appalled, really] that you didn't even mention Brother Richards.

Speaking of, one of our congregation went to St Andrews Cathedral recently and thought they had an unusually fine bible reader and discovered it was KR himself.

Also have not read Pilgrim's Progress yet, which I understand to be the second most translated book in the world after Guess What.

I ordered a copy of Pilgrim's Progress for our recent church bookstall, but someone else got to it before me.

Hope she reads it!

Gordon Cheng said...

David, I am aware of that version.

Gordon Cheng said...

Oh and PS I should add, More power to Kel's arm with that version. It's not my billy of tea, but others will find it helpful I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

I read it ages ago, but haven't a copy by me, so checked out the online version you linked to -- loved the bit about smooth Mr Civility being the son of Mr Legality! What great material for a group discussion. (I'm supposing that this is people trying to be guilt-free by avoiding social crimes -- hilarious but true.)

David McKay said...

Hi Gordon. I thought you might find this audio stuff interesting:

A bloke caled Max McLean does readings from Pilgrim's Progress, the life of Luther, Edwards' Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God and other classics.

There is a sample of the Pilgrim's Progress reading at

He sounds a bit like Richard Burton in War of the Worlds ...
"Nathaniel! Nathaniel!"