Sunday, 11 November 2007

Jago the illustrator.

After posting about the Jesus Storybook Bible I got a very nice comment from Jago, the illustrator, whose personal blog can be found here.

In it he lets us know that

Jago is an internationally published, award-winning, extremely modest, illustrator of the finest children's picture books. He lives in a wetsuit in Cornwall with his lovely wife Alex and beautiful daughter, Lily Peach.

That must be some wetsuit.

I hope you click through on the link to his blog, because it will give you a lovely sense of how well he uses colour and emotion in his paintings and drawings. That's good because the cover of the Storybook Bible itself doesn't give you the best idea, and feels a little bit cluttered for mine. It's when you open up and read that the charm of the pictures becomes fully apparent.

Jago also provides a number of useful links on his website to other reviews of the Storybook Bible. It is, quite deservedly, already a best-seller, even though it's only been out there for a few months. I believe that as well as being good for Christian parents to use with their children, it is the sort of book that you will be able to give away to non-Christian parents and, unless they have taken a strong ideological set against Christianity, they will be genuinely happy to have and to read to their kids.


Jago said...

Thanks for the post Gordon, regarding your comments about the cover, I thought you might be interested to know that illustrators very rarely have any say in what goes on them. In this case the publishers used illustrations from within the book and designed the other elements themselves. I think I saw about 5 different variations of which this was the best....

... oh, and the wet-suit's very roomy!

Gordon Cheng said...

hi jago,

yes, as a writer working for a publisher, I know exactly what you mean! The choice normally rests with others.

Sally Lloyd-Jones said...

Hi Gordon

Came across your blog and your lovely posting and thought I'd pop by and say thanks--and Hi and I'm one of Jago's biggest fans: the best thing that ever happened to my book was Jago. What a talent!

You may be interested to read some blog interviews and reviews and hear some radio interviews too about the book--all available on my site:
and blog

Thanks again, Gordon, for your part in getting the word out about the book!

My best