Saturday, 24 November 2007

Soul mates

I walked into a building recently and was greeted by the shout 'Hey! Didn't we fire you?' This was a seriously funny (ha-ha) experience for about half-a-dozen reasons. Not least of which was that the man who called out told me that we were Soul Mates on the facebook movie application.

He also mentioned that the next movies he wanted to go and see were Halloween and Hitman.

What do you think, gentle blog-reader? Are we really soul-mates, he and I?

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Lisa Hall said...

I think Movie Soul Mates are a dime a dozen on Facebook. We're Movie Soul Mates too! Not surprisingly, I don't think Facebook is the determining factor about "soul mates". Also unsurprisingly, I think God is - and I think we are, in the best sense of the phrase. Jesus has made us "soul mates", even though we've never met. Nothing to do with what Facebook or the world thinks soul mates are though....