Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Brand New Cold Case

Assuming the third word is true, there is at least one error in this title.

Can you spot it?


hayesy said...

2 missing commas?
As in 'Brand, new, cold case'?
That's the best I can do. I'm pretty proud of that actually...

Ben said...

Nah, Haysey.

You don't need to put a comma before a single adjective, like 'new', and surely 'brand' modifies 'new' or at least they form a single adjectival unit.

(This is based on the assumption that 'Cold Case' is a unit too - it's not the Case which is brand, new and cold, it's the Cold Case which is Brand New).

This is riduculous - I'm going to study for my OT exam.

Steve Carlisle said...

its oxymoronic isnt it?

You cant have a brand new cold case, a cold case is by nature old....

rachel Greenwood said...

Can't be 'new' if it's a 'cold' case. Cause 'cold case' refers to an 'old' investigation that has stalled and so has remained unsolved as the leads have dried up.

That's my thinking.