Friday, 2 November 2007

Public transport 'round Sydney

It could work, you know, it really could.

As this article in today's SMH points out. We have a number of suburban centres that mean you don't have to travel far in Sydney to get stuff you need, despite the overall geographical sprawl.

Neither State Labor nor State Liberal governments in recent decades have served us well on this. But State Labor of recent times has dropped the bundle, multiple times.

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Joel Parsons said...

Public transport can be made to work for those who wish to, or have no other choice but to, use it. However the evidence from cities all around the world, is that as societies become wealthier they generally desire to spread out and do more of their travelling by private motor vehicle. Even in the suburbs of Paris (not the tourist-oriented old city, the post-war suburbs where most Parisiens live and work), 85% of journeys are made by private motor vehicle.