Thursday, 15 November 2007

Pilgrim's Progress IV

If you really want to introduce young readers to Pilgrim's Progress before taking them through the original, then the adaptation to get is still Dangerous Journey by Oliver Hunkin.

If you click through on the link you will get the first few pages, courtesy of Amazon.


RodeoClown said...

Thanks to my lovely parents, I have Dangerous Journey - it's fantastic. And the artwork in it is extremely cool.

Much easier to read that the olde-englishe that Bunyan wrote in, so especially good for kids.

Doesn't gloss over the gospel there either. Or the violence :)

Jane Pittaway - Ben's mum at School said...

Another good intro for young children is "Go with Christian! The Pilgrim's Progress for young children" by Alan & Linda Parry. It's a book and board game in one, with exciting pop-ups, a maze and other fun stuff.

The Borg said...

My parents brought us up on Dangerous Journey; it has a special place in my imagination.

We scanned in the images from the book and projected them for Sunday School. We read the volume aloud and the kids loved it!