Thursday, 15 November 2007

Brand New Cold Case retold after being polled

Some of you sharp tacks out there in blogland managed to work out the small problem with this. 'Brand new Cold Case!' was the advert from the breathless voice over on telly last night.

Can you imagine the internecine departmental warfare at Police HQ if there actually was a brand new cold case?

A: I'm sorry but we're not taking this, constable B. It's a brand new cold case. We only do old cold cases here.

B: That's all very well, constable A, but as you can see the file definitely says 'cold case', and we just can't handle it in the 'brand new case' department.

A: No I'm sorry, we are only interested if it involves a lot of money. Old gold cold cases go right to the top of the priority list. We might be able to squeeze this one in if it's a brand new gold cold case. Especially if it involves politicians in the current election campaign. It will then be a brand new gold polled cold case, and we would give it special consideration.

B: I'm sorry?

A: Never mind.

B: Can't you do me a favour on this one?

A: Alright then, I'll go ask my supervisor. Just wait here.

[Ten years elapse]

A: Thanks for waiting. We'll take it now.

By the way, any of you smarty blog readers know what is the difference between an old case and a cold case?

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cafedave said...

Very clever.

I think an old case is one that is taking a long time to solve (but is still being investigated). A cold case is no longer being investigated, ie all the leads have gone "cold".

Something like the David Fincher movie "Zodiac", would illustrate the transition.