Wednesday, 14 January 2009


For some reason, I forced myself tonight to listen to five of their songs, or at least as much of them as I could before being overcoming and calling for smelling salts. Who are these guys? What drunken stupor must youtube viewers be in to consistently give them five star ratings? Turn the sound up on your tinny little PC speakers and listen, see if you don't change your mind when you actually hear the music. If they were buskers I'd take money out of their guitar cases specifically in order to discourage them.

Tedious. Samey. Derivative. The singing guy is out of tune. There's a faux angstiness about it all that leaves one wanting to seek refuge in a DH Lawrence novel. Now that's desperate.

Never heard them before. Never want to again. Pass me the Johnny Cash...

"If yer travellin' in the north country fah..."

Ah. That's better. Also with Joni.

And here's Dolly Parton singing John Lennon's Imagine.

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There. Isn't that better?


pcraig said...

I recommend earlier Radiohead: their biggest early hit was Creep. Karma Police is well-liked as well. I can't get my head round the newer stuff.

Mark said...

I love all their stuff Gordo, but maybe I'm just weird!

Mark said...

Scratch the 'maybe' bit.