Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Job interview in Melbourne

Thank you very much to those of you who've been praying about the future for the Cheng family.

I've received a firm job offer, and would love to take it up. However I've told these friends that I'm not able to respond either way until I fly down to Melbourne (today) to talk to some other friends (tomorrow) about the possibilities there.

We left Melbourne 10 years ago, for family reasons. Fiona's dad had Alzheimer's, and we had gone to Melbourne on the understanding that if family needed us, we would come back to Sydney. That's what happened; we came back. Fiona's dad has since died, her mum also just last year. For our part we've kept up friendships in Melbourne, we even spoke to a church a few years ago about me coming back as a pastor. Nothing came of that; now we are looking again.

Who knows what God will decide? A few months ago I was deeply confident that I would stay on at Matthias Media for at least, oh, 20 years. But we prayed about it, and here I am considering one job offer and thinking about a return to Melbourne. It would be a delight and a joy to come back, and intensely painful as well. Even if they were to offer a job tomorrow, I can't say what my response would be.

But you can't pray about these things and expect that God would do nothing—whatever that means—so we are trusting ourselves to his grace and looking forward to this meeting with friends.

Then away for a few days. May be off internet as well.


Liz G said...

i reallly pray you will find a job
a) you can settle into awhile so not have to uproot the family too often
b) that will enable you to keep supporting Fi and the girls through sickness and health
c) maximises who will hear the gospel and be built up as christian using the gifts God has given you
lots of love and prayers

Ian said...

Meeting with friends is always a great blessing.

Prayers for you and your family ascending from the Wild West of Sydney; God bless.

Lucy C said...

Will be praying for wisdom and a fun break.

Radagast said...

Praying that it all goes well.

Donners said...

Dear Gordon,

My husband reads your blog and has benefitted from your support and encouragement whilst in various regions of the afterlife on "ship of fools".

You will certainly be so very welcome in Melbourne and we would love to encourage you in your ministry - should you and your family decide to work here.

I hope your interview is a positive experience for you, whatever the outcome!

Nick Mackison said...

Been remembering you before the throne of grace!

Rhys said...

Hi Gordon,
Terrific to hear of the Lord's faithfulness in answering our prayers for you and your family.
In Him,

Paul said...

All the best with the job interview and deciding on a new job!