Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Immigration under Rudd

Still not better than it was under Ruddock.

This was one of the factors influencing the way I voted at the last election, and it's not good to see how slowly things are going.

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The Pook said...

Yes me too Gordon. Let's hope they respond the right way and accept the report's recommendations.

It is disappointing. But I think, we, the electorate, with our inherently racist attitudes, must bear some of the blame. Rudd is Mr Cautious, and he is well aware that mandatory detention is still very popular with ordinary Australians. I was appalled back in the 90s at the level of popular support for Pauline Hanson, even among Christians. It was this that led the Howard Government to develop the policies they did, in order to win back some of their right wing constituents from One Nation, AAFI and other crackpot racist parties. And it is our ongoing racist attitudes that this government will also be worried about at the polling booth if it changes too much too quickly. So let's pray that the intrinsic rightness of the required action will overcome political scruples. And let's promote the implications of the gospel for the equality and intrinsic dignity of all who are created in God's image.