Tuesday, 27 January 2009

The car

2 cupholders in front. One in back, with another odd squarish shaped cavity that if you shoved newspaper into it, could be a fourth cupholder. I ask you. How good does it get?

Two of the gels and I got in the train at Central and went down to Dapto (near Port Kembula and Wollongong Wollongong Wollongong Wollongong, not to mention Unanderra), then we drove the new (second hand) Hyundai back via Figtree Muckdonalds, then to Austinmer to pick up the DVD I'd hired and left in the DVD player, then back home.

If you flip up the two back cupholders into the seat, there is room for a third person. Hmm, hard choice there, another person, or two cups? I've got to think! The front cupholders remove the 'person instead of cupholder' option by being unflappably unflippable, not to mention that the gearstick would make life uncomfortable all round for both the middle person and the driver, unless you could all agree on a gear (probably second) and just stay with that one for the vast majority of the trip.

The interior of the car is undeniably beige, whereas the outside colour adds a hint of metal to lift the tone into something the manufacturer refers to as 'mushroom'.

There, I think I've covered all the important features.


Lucy C said...

Two in the front!
I have cup holder envy.

rd said...

Excellent explanation of all things car-important.


CoastalRev said...

All the way to Dapto and you couldn't even come that little bit further to the geographical centre of the diocese, Jamberoo (the town, not the theme park)?