Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Greek Geeks: A moros is not a moron

Pronounced "mow-ross".

Bill Mounce explains why a moros is not a moron. He also gives a great rant on why, if you keep going on about Greek when you preach, you may well be a moros.

If you are a kind of average guy who struggles to keep your head above the Greek water, this is a great blog to follow.


Anonymous said...

As a greek non swimmer I thought Monday with Mounce was great, even on Tuesday

thanks for that one

The Pook said...

Good advice. Some people (apart from we ourselves!) do want to put preachers on pedestals, and even criticise them for not being academic enough. I had one guy some years ago would always come up after the sermon and tell me I wasn't a good preacher because I WASN'T saying things like "The Greek says..."! So it's not just preachers themselves who are infected with this intellectualism.

Our translations are pretty good, and it's probably less than five percent of the time that it's necessary to allude directly to the original language. Sometimes you do have to do it in the case of a really really bad translation, like the way the NIV translates 1 Corinthians 7 for example, but mostly it's best avoided.

D M said...

If you say "the Greek says" and then quote correctly your listeners won't understand you anyway (unless they know ancient Greek)!