Saturday, 10 January 2009

Oh and happy new year.

A bit of a PS.

Things are good here. Hope they're good with y'all.


David Palmer said...

You too Gordon, may you have some wonderful surprises in 2009!

What do you think about proposed changes to SydAng forum?

Gordon Cheng said...

Hi David

Thank you!

The changes? Long overdue. If people want to go the biff—not that there's anything wrong with that—there are plenty of cybernautical venues out there for them to do it, without needing to invoke the name of Sydney Anglicans in vain.

rd said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Gordon
I recognise some problems and rudenesses with the SA forum. So I agree some changes are needed. But I think the forum is also a great opportunity to put forward God's word perspectives on genuine questions. A recent question posed by a lady re return of our Lord Jesus Christ comes to mind.
I see positive changes in the writings of some people over time and the forum has led me to read and search the scriptures much more.

There will be some people who have questions but it sounds like the new format may not allow them to be asked in simple form. Hope I am wrong about this.

Praying about 2009.

Gordon Cheng said...

That'll be a loss Di, I agree.

Thanks for your prayers, things seem to be working out and God as always is good.

Anonymous said...

Good to hear re 2009.

God is certainly good - your not wrong there!!