Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Screwtape letters read by John Cleese


For CS Lewis fans, I heard that this is online.

But for copyright fans, a friend who knows the law expressed some concerns that this breaches certain provisions. So I've removed the link to be on the safe side. (The site in question claims that the recording is copyright free.)


Anonymous said...

My first reaction: Awesome!

My second: This the exact same record available for purchase off audible.com

My third: Oh wait, these mp3s are copywritten and probably were illegally converted to MP3. And Gordon has now promoted the spread of pirated material.

My fourth: I'd better stop lurking and point that out, eh?

Gordon Cheng said...

Thanks ambrosis, another friend pointed out the same thing. I've done the right thing and removed the link!

The claim was that it was copyright-free, but I'm giving the copyright law the benefit of the doubt.

David McKay said...

I can't find Cleese's version at audible.com, but I can find another version

[Not usually up at 3 AM but don't usually have exciting news at 3 AM, either]