Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Kingsford bags

I love shopping at the Kingsford IGA. The plastic bags are so...capacious.


Rhys said...

Wow Gordo, you surprise as ever.
Here I was expecting you to write something on that little election in the US - but instead, plastic bags at IGA! :}

I thought Al Mohler's response was helpful

How about you?



Anonymous said...




Gordon Cheng said...

Rhys: he's only a politician! Mohler's blog was good, yes.

Ian: The bags are the perfect size for our kitchen bin. If I ever try to buy just an orange juice and an avocado from our local Woolworths, they only give me a mingy little half-size bag, and sometimes they even try to persuade me not to take one. Here at the Kingsford IGA, even just the purchase of a some pita bread will prompt the offer of a nice big bin-liner. I bet if I asked them to double-bag it, they would do that for me too.

Eco-consciousness has not caught up with Asian check-out chicks, God be praised.