Sunday, 30 November 2008



It doesn't matter if you don't say it very well.

It is probably better if you don't.

For if, in trying to frame words of eloquence

to speak the glory of the Lord

it happens that you

bark like a dog,

or croak like a frog,

philosophers may choose to pass you by.

But the dogs and frogs will understand,

and with one voice glorify

the Lord of all creation.


Anonymous said...

I didn't hear you barking or croaking today, Gordon. But I heard God speaking to me through your preaching!

Thanks a lot and praise to God!


Anonymous said...

Thank you, sincerely.
I needed that encouragement for my short, inept preaching tonight.

The Pook said...

Is that original?

It's quite a nice little prose-poem.

Gordon Cheng said...

Thanks The Pook

It just popped into my head more or less complete, yesterday morning.

hardygreenwood said...

I like it!