Friday, 21 November 2008

A bad book

A friend wrote a bad book.

That is, I'm told it is a bad book, and if it is true, then I am trying to work out whether or not I should read it.

I haven't read it, and I've been avoiding reading it, because if it really is a bad book, I will end up needing to say so, which will cause problems.


Timothy Wonil Lee said...

If you and the author are really good friends to each other, you should read the book, and say honestly what you thought.

Easy to say than done? :-)

Murray said...

Let me guess...

Sounds like another train wreck.

David McKay said...

I think I'm in the bad books of a mutual friend of an author because I noted that the whole book, which is supposed to be sharing the gospel, does not come remotely near the cross, doesn't mention Jesus' death for our sins, but does have a few stories about miracles and seems to tell us how we can get God to bless us.

Gordon Cheng said...

Hi David,

that is indeed a bad book!

I am worried that I am going to strike a not dissimilar problem. So far I have made good progress in studiously not reading and not finding out, but I am worried that this situation will change.

Justin said...

Take control of your heart, then Gordon. Stop being a victim to your emotions, brother.

Do one of two things: Read it because you choose to, and then review it like you would any book.

Or choose not to read it, and quit saying that you are worried you might.

Man up, Gordo!

Gordon Cheng said...


Were I a victim to my emotions, it's likely that I would have read the book and blasted it. If reports of the book are accurate.

However, the complications are manifold, so I will take the advice I am given, and wait until I have time to think prayerfully and carefully.

Is that womanning up, do you think? ;-)