Friday, 7 November 2008


My goodness I have a lot on my plate today.

The biggest thing is I had to fix the barbecue, and I'm hopeless at that.

I just cooked some stuff on it just now, a bit of salami and some leftover pasta, as a sort of a test.

It worked, and that's good, and it's better than it was. But the true test remains. A really large piece of meat.



derek said...

Dear Mr. Gordon

Hi! How are you? My name is Derek and am a fellow believer in Christ. It is awesome to see Gods work through Matthias Media =)

The reason I am commenting on here is because I can't figure any other way to get through to you haha. I remember one time reading a blog regarding a review on Mark Driscoll's 18 points on stuff hindering effective evangelism in Sydney.

I've recently come across an amazing sermon given by Paul Washer on 10 indictments to Revival and I feel that you will be very interested in hearing what brother Paul Washer has to say. Paul Washer is an ex-missionary from Peru and is the man who spoke the 'shocking youth message' that was recently sent around to many people over Sydney (

The 10 indictments can be found here:
The sermon goes quite long but I can assure you that as a fellow evangelical brother, you will be most interested in hearing what has to be said. The talk is primarily spoken to address American 'christianity' but I believe that it can be applied just as well to Sydney.

Hoping to hear from you or the thoughts that you may have on the talk soon.


derek said...

haha oops reaised i provided the wrong link

the 10 indictments can be found at