Thursday, 20 November 2008

Hillsong Conference 2009

I just received a letter inviting me to Hillsong 2009, telling me that they will be championing the causes of local churches everywhere.

But this is what they told me would happen in 2006, and if they didn't do it then, why should someone expect it to happen this time?


The Idle Introvert said...

Hi Gordon,

I'm not a Sydney-sider; would you be able to explain what you mean by "championing the causes of local churches everywhere"? (or what Hillsong purports to mean by that :) )

Gordon Cheng said...


I went to the Sydney conference in 2006 with my friend Tony Payne to find the answer to that question. It was not clear how the conference was going to be a benefit to local churches (not just in Sydney but everywhere), as there was no particularly coherent messages and many of the speakers appeared to contradict each other.

The closest I could work out was that Brian Houston made the claim, in connection with the idea of helping local churches, that they were not recruiting for Hillsong. I am not sure that counts as 'championing' the cause, but there we are.