Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Prayer and theologizing: Andrew Barry

Andrew Barry has started blogging over at the Sola Panel.

I've only met Andrew once or twice, but ever since I started reading his personal blog I've been hooked on the way he works to connect up his bible reading, his theology, and the way he looks at life. Here's what he says about Job:

Rather than being just a book about the problem of evil, Job contains a sharp and scary message for would-be theologians. These people actually infuriate God with their endless discussions if they are not men and women of prayer (Job 42:7). Perhaps, at least in part, the message of the book of Job is a word of strengthening to people who pray.

How's that? Job: not an erudite experiential theodicy or a chance for further inward spiralling and navel-gazing theology, but a confrontation with God that drives us to our knees in prayer.

Long may you blog, Andrew.

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