Monday, 24 November 2008


Will we see war in Iran?

The head of the Israeli defence forces offers an opinion about Mid-East politics:

Military intervention would not be one strike. It needs to be a sustained operation … Any military strike in Iran will be quietly applauded by Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and the Gulf states. It is a misconception to think that the Arab-Israeli conflict is the most important in the Middle-East. The Shiite-Sunni schism is much bigger, the Persian-Arab divide is bigger, the struggle between national regimes and jihadism is much bigger. And I can't imagine the US will want to share power in the Middle East with a nuclear-armed Iran.

-Paul Sheehan in the SMH.

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David Palmer said...

Spengler ( has been predicting a nuclear strike against Iran by US or Israel for some time on the basis that Iran is developing a nuclear warhead capability with Israel within range.

Personally I think natural disasters such as meteor impacting earth or biotechnology run amok, or nuclear war a far greater threat than globasl warming.