Tuesday, 22 July 2008

So, how come I'm not busy!

I seem to have met all my deadlines. I seem to be sitting around trying to figure out what to do next. One thing I am doing is going through old e-mails, including the ones on time management.

Here's one:

We all have too much to do. Almost everyone I speak with tells me they
have more to do than time permits. This says a lot of good things about

That you have too much to do means many have entrusted a lot to you.
People who seldom have enough to keep them busy and are always looking
for things to do may not have earned this level of confidence from

Riiight. Well, I'm not busy right now. Phone's not ringing. Choir has cut out all the male singers and only wants females. I'm sittin here twiddling my thumbs.

Pretty soon I'm going to have to phone a few friends and see what goes on out there.


/Karen/ said...

Goodness me, Gordo! I should have loaded you up sooner with stuff to do!!! Anyways, there's an email I sent you this afternoon which will keep you busy for a while ...

Gordon Cheng said...

Gah! My colleagues read my blog! Curses, I should have realized...

Don't worry KB, I'm onto it like a rash at the dermatitis clinic.