Tuesday, 29 July 2008


The man just needs a team. Talk about the Silence of the Lottos.

Speculation that Evans may look elsewhere follows this year's Tour in which he was left without any Silence-Lotto teammates in the mountains, isolated with his rivals.

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The Pook said...

Man am I glad I can now finally get some sleep until next July!

You're absolutely right of course. There are two reasons that Evans did not win.
1. The crash he had, which was caused by a Spaniard, though no doubt that's a coincidence. It took some of his body's energy away for healing.
2. His invisible non-existent team. Lotto is a good name for them, since the whole principle of Lotto is that nearly everyone who plays wins nothing.

He lost in on the final Alps leg, because none of his team mates cold chase Sastre. If he had the yellow jersey, or at least was only a few seconds behind going into the time trial, he could have won.