Saturday, 5 July 2008

Challies on commentaries

Here's Tim Challies' list of recommended New Testament commentaries. Really pleased to see that both of Peter O'Brien's commentaries are on there, they are tours de force by all accounts, and my reading of them has helped me a lot. Also Moo on Romans. Not sure about Gordon Fee. Every time I've read Fee I've been disappointed by the concessions he makes to using culture to interpret the passage, so I wouldn't second those choices. But the rest of the list looks solid.

His advice along with it is good, too, and he has some useful links.


David McKay said...

Tsk, tsk. BOTH of Peter O'Brien's commentaries?
I have his 3 on the Prison Epistles and am looking forward to Hebrews [not yet published]

David McKay said...

Knew I shoulda peeked. Tim has all three of PTO'B's listed.

Jeff A said...

The complementarians (like me) among us would also not be happy with Fee's commentary on the Pastoral Epistles.

Grosey's Messages said...

ummm 3 of Peter's are there.. Phillippians Colosians, and Ephesians.

Gordon Cheng said...

Oops, sorry for omissions and thanks for corrections.