Monday, 21 July 2008

Church music

I've posted on the Sola Panel about the subject, here.

I like music in just about any genre, and although I have definite tastes I wouldn't even go so far as to say that the stuff I like is particularly good. I mean, I liked Billy Joel for years and Billy Don't be a Hero still brings a tear to they eye and a lump to the throat, and that's not just the gag reflex. What I don't understand is knee-jerk hatred of hymns, which if you play them at a decent clip can really be a great sing.


David McKay said...

There are many terrific old hymns which very few people know.

Here's one:
Had I ten thousand gifts beside,
I'd cleave to Jesus crucified,
And build on Him alone;
For no foundation is there giv'n
on which to place my hopes of heav'n,
But Christ the cornerstone.

Possessing Christ, I all possess:
Wisdom and strength and righteousness
And holiness complete;
Bold in His name, I dare draw nigh
before the Ruler of the sky,
And all His justice meet.

As He above for ever lives,
And life to dying sinners gives,
Eternal and divine;
O may His Spirit in me dwell,
Then saved from sin
and death and hell,
Eternal life is mine.

Words: E Godwin
Tune: A Radiger
Australian Churches of Christ Hymnbook, 349

Billy, Don't Be a Hero?
Always associate it with The Night Chicago Died, sort-of 70s rap [with a silent C, perhaps?]

Tom Barrett said...

Hope you're not thinking of me with the "knee jerk hatred of hymns" thing. I love (some) hymns... my wife and I had one at our wedding!

Gordon Cheng said...

That's a good one David!

Tom: no, not thinking of anyone in particular.