Thursday, 3 July 2008

The inerrant Briefing?

My article on Preaching Hell to Depressed Teens appears in the latest Briefing double issue on "The Strategy of God". No, it's not the post that nearly won an award from Ben Myers, but it comes close.

Although "Preaching Hell to Depressed Teens" was originally written in response to a blog post, I was eventually reminded that the article it's responding to also appeared in Briefing #267 from February 2001. I think I was in the middle of leaving a job, moving house and having a baby back then, so I wasn't reading my Briefings particularly carefully. Anyway, if you want to read part of the article I'm disagreeing with, I've posted it here.

Either my article is right, or the one it's responding to is, or possibly both are wrong. But whatever the case, it's a good reminder that the Briefing, unlike the Bible, is neither inerrant nor infallible.

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Dannii said...

Maybe the Briefing should introduce an ex cathedra page where infallibility is guaranteed?