Tuesday, 22 July 2008

No deadlines

Quite a bizarre experience. I have no deadlines unmet and the phone is not ringing. The house, while not what my mother would have called clean, is within the range of tolerable. Surely some crisis is about to befall, or I am about to plunge into a pit of depression deeper than any I have known.

Or maybe I should just thank God for his many kindnesses, pay some bills and get on with life. Might call up Sam and see if he wants to see Dark Knight with me.

Actually I wouldn't mind learning Hebrew. I got sick for a few years when I was studying theology, and I've always felt that lack of knowledge of Hebrew has been a hindrance to my understanding of the Old Testament, and therefore to my preaching.

1 comment:

Timothy Wonil Lee said...

Thank God for His kindness!
Then, go watch the Dark Knight, then study Hebrews. :-)
That sounds like a blessed way of life!