Sunday, 16 December 2007

Thank you Christ Church pre-school

Getting my thoughts here because Fifi and I are about to be interviewed at the end-of-term pre-school service at Christ Church Gladesville. Here are a few drafty thoughts, which I will try to remember when I get up in front of people in just over an hour. But if I don't, I hope at least some of you who will be there will log in here as well, and realize how grateful to God we are for the blessing that the pre-school has been to us.

So what am I thankful for? We’ve been linked to the pre-school for 5 years now, through one daughter or another, so there is a lot to be thankful for, a heap actually, but I think I can summarize it by saying relationships, and stuff.

Relationships: The teachers are great, the girls have loved them,

Claire Zucchini and Miss Annette, all the others too, Miss Merry the director, the list should be longer of specific people but isn’t—sorry about that! You are all great and we don’t want to leave anyone off the list so we are leaving most of you, but we remember you all with affection.
Also relationships because the girls have loved being at pre-school, never once complained, and it has been the start of relationships which have continued on into school years.

Stuff: We have loved every little bit of stuff that has come home from pre-school , except for the uneaten lunches and crushed bananas. Oh, and I admit that I did one time ask Miss Claire why the staff kept dropping empty chocolate wrappers and other rubbish into their bags just before home time. But amongst all the ‘stuff’ that has materialized in their bags have been the most delightful artworks, models, stuffed animals, candy canes, cards, party invitations, photographs, letters and various items that we have kept the best of in various random piles at home, and will keep for a very long time, God willing.

One of the biggest bits of ’stuff’ that has come home is stuff about God, and it is also one of the things we are most grateful for. We want our children to love Jesus and be ready to meet him like we are. We find that they have all come back from pre-school just naturally thinking and talking about God, so that it is not at all a strange thing for them to speak to God, to ask him for things, to read the bible, or to talk to us about Jesus.

Which we love, and it is part of our learning as well.

There are a heap of good things about pre-school, but that really is the best of all. The kids are always looking forward to the next thing in life, which they are sure is going to be bigger and better than what came before. But we sometimes remind them to look back as well, and thank God for what they learned in their times at pre-school.

Thank you to the Christ Church Gladesville pre-school, to the teachers and other staff, to the friends we and our children have made, and most of all to our Heavenly Father who gives all good things.

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