Friday, 7 December 2007

Georg's blog

Thank you to those of you who drop by and make comments on my blog. Today I received a nice comment from a blogger named Georg, in France, about this entry on PG Wodehouse.

He has some pretty photos on his blog and I enjoyed reading what he had to say about heating the house:

The main idea of this text is to pay homage to the kind of heating generated by oak logs. The place is warm but it is NOT the warmth you get from a central heating system.

This warmth is like a winter kiss, gentle and firm. Wood heat radiates right through you and those everchanging flames behind the glass wall makes you feel splendid. In fact, the feeling is difficult to explain, like colour to a blind.

We are short of oak trees around here but this makes we want to plant one, come back in 20 years, cut it down and burn it just to experience what Georg is talking about.

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Georg said...

Hello Gordon,

Well, thanks for the quotation. In Australia, burning oak for heating may seem preposterous. But here, the situation is not the same. Three quarters of the region are covered by forests and its rains abundantly.

I was reading somewhere that in old times Australia, too, was covered by huge forests. But they were cut down to make place for grazing land and now you have terrible droughts in the south.

Hope you find solutions before it is too late for all of us.

Cheers and tinkety-tonk