Monday, 3 December 2007

The other Bad blog

Jen Baddeley has a blog too, and it is is just as terrific in its terrificness as the other Bad blog:

I read again during the week that 'knowledge about God is insufficient compared with knowledge of God'. The writer was trying to show that a personal relationship with God can't be generated by knowing a lot of facts about God.

I have no quarrel with this per se. But it tends towards the view that ignorance is an excellent way to know God, and that knowledge about God gets in the way of knowing God. And I know more than one person who exults in their limited knowledge as a kind of badge of spiritual honour. It's a cute position because there is no argument against it. You can't even engage with it; if you do, you demonstrate knowledge and so are obviously spiritually inferior and not worth listening to.

Having spent a chunk of time this week looking at how knowledge functions in John's Gospel, I am more convinced that ever that this view is neither helpful nor particularly Christian. In fact, I'm beginning to think its sheer laziness masquerading as spiritual righteousness.

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Anonymous said...
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Gordon Cheng said...

Anonymous wrote: Gordo, is this a 'bad' blog? http://

Anonymous, I've deleted your comment above and in particular the web address. I believe anonymous criticism is cheap, and an easy way to cover malice, slander, gossip and libel. If you have criticisms of Sydney Diocese or associated institutions, you should have the courage to put your name to it.

My own policy is to disregard such criticism and not publicize it.