Friday, 7 December 2007

Fetal homicide or abortion?

Thanks to Nicole for this story of attempted murder:

Nicole makes two observations:

1. It seems difficult to explain why a father killing his child is 'fetal homicide' and a mother killing her child is legally sanctioned 'termination of the pregnancy'.

2. The warnings about the potential for a black market in RU486 beyond medically supervised contexts were not far fetched scare mongering.

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TCL said...

I am not particularly happy with this either way it falls. Its murder of an infant .. a living human being.. whoever does it. And from a legal perspective its a downright discriminatory situation as well. From a legal reading it leads me to think that the worst charge that should be laid is illegal administration of a restricted drug. the fact the baby died as a result is merely a formality under the current laws. And that too is a serious problem.

Anyhow, while looking at the site, I stumbled on this link as well. What do you think Gordon?