Friday, 21 December 2007

More good reasons for preachers to minister 1-1

The fertile ground of the comments section of my previous post on Richard Baxter appears to have been sown with weeds!! (See Matthew 13:25)

So let me ask again if any of you can think of more good reasons why preachers should also do one-to-one ministry.

And Jensen! Stay away from that 'post comment' button! The rest of you, have at it.


Christopher said...

Well it lets the congregation know that they do during the week other than preach for half an hour on Sunday.
I remember when I was younger waiting until late morning to call a minister because I figured that considering it wasn't Sunday they would probably be sleeping or living the life of a uni student.
I soon learnt that this wasn't what ministers got up to.

Dave said...

I think your reasons are good, they are certainly worth thinking about in light of building up the ministry of the preacher, but what about a reason that is concerned with building up the one being ministered to, such as is found in Hebrew 10:24, which is so much more effective in a small group setting!