Monday, 3 December 2007

Paul Sheehan on the Greens

Here. He writes

I would have voted Green in a heartbeat if it was a truly environmental party. Instead, it is a sly party which uses the green brand to expend the bulk of its political capital on George Bush, East Timor, West Papua, gays' rights, drug laws, refugees and numerous issues that have little to do with climate change, global warming and water shortages.

Not to mention euthanasia. What's green about that?


One Salient Oversight said...

Not to mention euthanasia. What's green about that?

Perhaps they should be called the Soylent Green Party

michael jensen said...

Yes: I think the argumenbt CHristians had about voting for the GReens was pointless. All the parties have policies that are unacceptable to CHristians, granted.

However, only the Greens actually think CHristians are idiots. Or, can't conceal their contempt for Christians. I won't vote for someone who thinks I am an idiot, surprisingly (even if I am). This is such a shame: I don't see why Green politics should be necessarily exclusive of Christians in this way.

Lucy C said...

Vets don't call it The Green Dream* for nothing!

* A concentrated barbiturate anaesthetic, coloured green to avoid confusion with other drugs.