Monday, 3 September 2007

Watching yourself

Just watched myself on video.

I have very squinty eyes.

Or maybe that's just an Asian thing.


Justin said...

Where can I see said video?

Gordon Cheng said...

Hey Justin

It will be a few months before it is out in the public domain. It is part of a series of DVD interviews with various
MTS trainers, done by Col Marshall, to accompany the Ministry Training Strategy trainer's manual and course.

There is some really good stuff in these interviews and we need to work out how to make it more accessible for a training course format.

Justin said...

Months? In the age of Youtube???

Michael K said...

Sweedish thing probably

Gordon Cheng said...

Justin, good point, I will try to get some samples up at some stage. But there are hours and hours of material, so YouTube isn't going to cut it for this.