Tuesday, 11 September 2007


This article says that Sydney's pedestrians are treated as second class citizens and that the traffic laws encourage them to jaywalk.

But surely if we had APEC style laws in place all the time, then this problem could be solved by the simple expedient of crash tackling the jaywalkers, wrestling them to the ground and holding them in prison without a lawyer for 22 hours?

It would certainly make me more watchful, and add new interest to my morning walk up Bathurst St.

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Guthers said...

Bring on the improvements to city pedestrian conditions.

On the Greg McLeay story, I think the police are getting a raw deal here. The article paints Mr McLeay as a upstanding family man just going about his business, but makes only a passing reference to his outstanding assault charge.

I find it very hard to believe the police weren't incited in some way to take the action they did.

Don't want to sound like a conspiracy theorist! Just a little frustrated at the bias in the story.