Monday, 17 September 2007

Empowering the laity

Lay presidency at the Lord's supper has been considered for about 30 years in Sydney Diocese. Now it's being looked at again, and looks set to be allowed to happen this time.

This is the way it should be. The idea that a special priestly caste should have the role of leading the Lord's Supper is at best anachronistic. It reflects the Roman Catholic idea that the leader of the church has a priestly role of mediating between man and God, and is nowhere to be found in the New Testament.

I first led the Lord's Supper as a layman in an Anglican Church back in 1985. We remembered together our Lord's death for the forgiveness of our sins, and life went on.


michael jensen said...

Personally, I can't see the point. It just needless chestbeating, and needless antagonism of others. We could have just ordained more people. It is a waste of time to consider it further.
Harry Goodhew got this one right.

michael jensen said...

...and since you are going to have people authorised to officiate, won't the whole priest thing just be transferred?

One Salient Oversight said...

Why not dispense with ordination altogether?

Sydney Anglicans can't remain Anglicans forever...

Dark Knight said...

On balance I have to agree with michael jensen. I can see your point, Gordon, and I think the monarchical episcopate is anachronistic. But if its going to be the cause of so much angst and if you don't care either way, why bother?

Side issue, Gordon, but it would be interesting to chat with you sometime about your understanding of the Eucharist. Just "remembering" sounds a bit Baptist to me. To what extent do you think the presence of Christ is mediated through the sacrament?

Anyway, sorry to derail. Email is fine if you don't want to discuss that here.

peter kirsop said...

Mr M Jensen is quite right, whats the point.
Who are the people who will be 'empowered'? who will (for purposes of 'good order') regulate those 'empowered' people?

What services will they conduct and when? will they be services at which a person in priests orders (to use a neutral expression) will be present? If so why bother, if not what sort of services will they be and how will the be regulated

michael jensen said...

Do we really really care? I mean really?

Gordon Cheng said...

dark knight, I don't have your e-mail address!

Mine is

with @ for the AT.

Murray said...

Mindless, pointless, unAnglican, uncatholic, and it will do absolutely nothing but harm the cause of those we supposedly share communion with in troubled places like North America. It really enrages me that people would claim to follow the footsteps of people like Cranmer and waste time destroying the Anglican Communion like this.