Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Sounds like The Bourne Ultimatum will be great

I say sounds like, because after an intensely busy period I took Fifi along to see it this morning.

Actually, I tell a lie. She took me. Fifi has to drive, because she gets carsick otherwise.

Me, I don't get carsick. I can, and do, sit in the back of the bus and read away whilst working on the laptop.

I do, however, get movie sick when watching movies like The Bourne Ultimatum, where the camera people had been given handfuls of amphetamines and pogosticks, issued with their cameras and told to go to it.

So Fifi watched it and loved it. I watched for fifteen minutes and then closed my eyes for the rest of the movie to stop myself from throwing up. It sounded fantastic. I managed to watch a good part of the fight scene in Morocco with one eye half open, and it was just spectacular.

When it finally goes to DVD, I will watch it on our telly, which has a very small screen indeed. This will save my tummy and our rug.


cafedave said...

I guess that rules out a "Bourne Ultimatum" inspired director's cut of the MTS DVD...

Gordon Cheng said...

For sure it is a fine idea, and if we had the budget we would do it.

Jensen versus Dave Sheath, in the cathedral.

I wouldn't be able to watch it, though.