Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Nother Russell Crowe story

Read a profile on him in the SMH a few years ago. Apparently like many aspiring actors he worked as a waiter in Bondi. However, he was sacked.

The reason? A woman asked him for a decaf soy skim milk latte or some similar pathetic excuse for the real thing. Russ returns and slams a glass of boiled water down on the table in front of her. She says "What's this?" He says "Lady, when we do decaf, we don't f— around."

Anger management issues.

When Al Stewart was at St Matthias Russell C dropped in and heard him preach. Thought Al did well.


Nixter said...

You should check this out

Anonymous said...

Great story.

But what's the moral of the story? Aussie actors have niceness drummed out of them in training? Real coffee is more important than decaf? Real milk is more important than skim soy? Russell Crowe is about to become a major Sydney Anglican sponsor? I'm not quite sure what the take home message is. ;-)

David McKay said...

Hi Dave.
The message is:
if you don't understand coffee, don't drink pretend coffee.